A Game of Smoke and Mirrors


The year is 1855 and the world is changing. In the west, just as young queen Victoria recently ascended the throne of England, the old monarchies crumble in the face if modern ideologies and the rapid industrialization of the old production systems. Yet in spite of this the old aristocracy still cling to their forms and privileges, trying to develop the art of magic even as it fades from the world. In the east war rages as the armies of England and France march into the hellish meat grinder that is Crimea where the might of the Russian Mages and their mysterious Tzarina proves that magic has not disappeared altogether.

In this Age of Steam and Sorcery we find our intrepid heroes serving the institute for atherical studies at the University of London, a position that, though they do not yet know it, will take them across the globe and see them take part in the deadly dance of Great Power Politics. The Great Game, a Game of Smoke and Mirrors, is playing out across the world stage, but what role will our intrepid heroes fill?

Of Smoke and Mirrors

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