[University] Alexandre Mordechai D'Autevielle

Comte de la Fère, Principle of the University of London, "Oberon"


A slender Eldren of imposing height and an earie grace, appearing no more than in his early thirties by human standards, Alexandre Mordechai D’Autevielle is a favourite amongst the fashionable arrangements of London and every bit the mysterious, dastardly foreign noble yet at the same time as pleasant a gentleman as any British lady could desire. While physically of a fairly light build the Principle stands nearly two meters tall which he compliments with an ease of movement, a dexterity and a grace which seems hardly possible, indeed something which gives him almost an eerie touch. His face is sharp and aristocratic with fine, smooth lines, a sharp jaw and a noticeable chin. His nose is high ridged and sharp, almost hawkish, which most British would say was a sign of his French heritage. The nose sits above a wide but fairly thin lipped mouth, equally quick to smirks as to faint, haunting smiles. Like all Eldren his ears are slightly elongated and teardrop shaped, though not as long as many of his subspecies. Alexandre’s hair is long, long enough to reach the small of his back, and almost pure silvery white, a most unusual coloration even for an Eldren, which glitters and plays faintly as light falls across it.
The Comte de la Fère, most would agree, is a very handsome man, but it is his eyes that leaves the strongest impressions. Green orbs speckled with splashes of silver and gold glances across those he meet and at times one gets the faint, odd feeling that the golden strands move ever so faintly in slow ever-changing patterns. They are sharp, his eyes, razors which seems to scrutinize every detail and pierce through a man until his very core is revealed. Yet they are also distant, almost dreaming, and extraordinarily deep at times, as if the light in them fades and withdraws into deep, green wells beyond the waking world. Many would say they are lively and pleasant eyes, always twinkling with faint almost eerie amusement, yet at the same it would not be wrong to describe them as holding a distant sadness, a faint melancholy only old age can bring.


The Comte is, unlike many of his Eldren brethren, not of a particular conservative bend and his style of dress seems to follow the current fashion admirably. He is usually seen in various dark vests over white shirts, frequently black striped with grey but at times also dark reds and greens. Over this he commonly wears various frockcoats in black, grey or dark green colourations, of exquisite make and cut, though he does at times also appear in tailcoats when the occasion demands it. As far as accessories goes Alexandre carries but a few items, most noticeably two likely enchanted silver rings on his right hand, set with a white and an emerald stone respectively. He also carries a highly ornate walking stick made from a pale white wood of unknown origins and with a silver handle carved like the visage of a snarling wolf. In official functions he also wears a medallion inscribed with a pentagram, making him as a ranking member of the Hermetic Guild. Finally he is never seen without his pocket watch, it too in silver, with several rows of archaic symbols in an odd script engraved together with dancing leaf and animal motifs. On the front it carries a monogram, AB with the words “Ars Moriendi” below in latin.

Alexandre Mordechai D’Autevielle, Comte de la Fère and Principle of the University of London, is at the same time one of the most desired guests and most mysterious figures in all of London’s societal life. He is known to make for excellent company, a natural centre of most gatherings yet at the same time thoughtful and apt at listening to the tales of others. He does not speak in excess, though his words carry great weight, and he seem to be particularly apt at waving away private or inappropriate questions with a faint smile and a gesture. Above all the Comte is best described as the epitome of the calm, collected aristocrat, always level with the situation at hand, always cool and thoughtful, yet witty and pleasant when the moods take him.


Very little indeed is known by our intrepid adventurers about the history of their mysterious employer. Gossip and social know-its claims, probably correctly, that he is French of birth and originally ruled as Monseigneur and Comte in Lille in Northern France. Shortly before the French Revolution of 1989 he arrived in England and quickly rose to influence in the English Guild as well as academic circles.

Curiously little however is known about his life and time in France before the revolution and the Comte is not one to speak idly on the topic. Wild rumours and speculations has however attempted to fill the gap, proposing him as everything from the long lived bastard child of the “Black Prince” to the trueborn heir of Louise 16 of France. One nickname he has take a particular liking to is the title “Oberon”.

[University] Alexandre Mordechai D'Autevielle

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