[The University] Mark Cunningham

Professor of Biology, Licenced Necromancer, “The Pale Professor”


Mark Cunningham is a human man of youthful appearance, much in keeping with his mere 31 years of age, though not an entirely healthy one. He is of a light frame and though of middling height his slightly slopped shoulders and general appearance of grace rather than force makes him seem smaller than he really is. His skin is also extraordinarily pale in an altogether unusual or unhealthy way, giving him the faint air of one in the terminal stages of some terrible illness or malady. This impression of frailness and general neglect is but further compounded by his face, sporting a frail jawline and an altogether all too plump chin. His features are well shaped to be sure, a small slightly perked nose resting under a wide and intelligent brow, yet does not free him from the impression of lingering illness. His hair is kept at ear’s length, though it is largely uncared for and makes up a mop of messy sand-blond hair to crown his head. His moustache on the other hand is well-kept and carefully waxed, in truth the only part of his appearance that can truly be called kept. It is when one reaches his eyes however that the general feeling of unease and neglect becomes something altogether a bit more alarming, for Mark Cunningham’s eyes are as beautiful a pale blue as they are watery and sickly. Indeed, they are the eyes of a man caught in a terrible fever, although by all accounts the man is not truly sick. Worse however is the distant melancholy and almost painful solitude in them, mixed at times with a startling intensity and feverish vigour. They are the odd eyes of a man who knows his own demise at hand.

Much like his overall appearance Professor Cunningham’s clothing is also in a sorry state of uncaring neglect, most attempts at putting on appearance seemingly abandoned long ago. When at labour he is mostly seen in various white shirts with simple but presentable dress pants and correct though worn shoes. When going out he dons an old greatcoat in black over this attire, once a fitting gown long since turned tarnished and colourless by careless sloth. As any proper gentleman he also dons a tophat when out, though the poor tarnished thing has certainly seen better days, something a noticeable layer of dust on the brims can attest to. Whether he is observed in his office or out and about however the good Cunningham is always seen wearing a thick scarf around his neck, usually in a deep red colour, as well as a pair of cloth gloves in white or grey.

Perhaps surprisingly considering his appearance Mark Cunningham does not come across as an unorganized or in other ways slothful man. Rather he has an earnest almost feverish way about him that makes him seem always late for an unmentioned something. He is polite and appropriate as required, though certainly a little reserved when it comes to those he has recently meet. He also stammers noticeably which compounds this impression of general shyness. He is however in no way unpleasant company as his few but close acquaintances can attest.


So far our intrepid heroes knows little of Professor Mark Cunningham beyond what a brief introduction and conversation could tell. He is certainly a man of means and from the higher stratas of society, given his line of work and magical degree. Yet it seems clear he is unmarried, given his appearance. Furthermore it is known that he holds a Malefic Licence in Necromancy, meaning he can legally practise some of those black arts in the service of science.

So far unknown.

[The University] Mark Cunningham

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