[The University] Knut Lindström

Professor of Linguistics, Cryptolog, "Resident Eccentric Swede"


Professor Knut Lindström is a gnome well past his prime, having reach the respectable age of seventy-nine. This shows on his frame which is small even for a gnome, standing barely above 140 cm, and his frame is thin and wizened with long dexterous limbs. His skin however is surprisingly smooth for his age and subspecies, a sign of a life in luxury and opulence though admittedly spotted with liver spots. The professor’s face has an intelligent quality to it, with the broad forehead of a thinker and deep set perceptive eyes in a sharp brown colour. His eyes seems constantly on the move, never resting and almost a little frantic as they jump from person to person, letter to letter, always hurrying. His nose is large but well-shaped and very straight, sitting over a small mouth that disappears in his shock of moustache and beard which not only covers his jawline but frames his entire face as two significant sideburns reach his hair. His hair and beard has long since turned white, adding to his already apparent age, and from an early age his hair has had a very bristle and messy quality, thick shocks spiking out in all directions. Completed by the large pointed ears of his subspecies Knut Lindström’s face is one of intelligence and perceptive guile, certainly sagely yet at the same time with the faint air of a trickster about him.

As far as clothing goes Professor Lindström dresses appropriate of his bearing and station though he has been unusually skilled as keeping up with the changes of fashion, a behaviour rarely observed in the more long-lived subspecies. He usually professes to various finely tailored black frock of a somewhat foreign cut over simple white shirts, though at work he is frequently seen strolling about in but his shirt. Another peculiarity of his is a love of braces, usually bright blue, to hold up his pants. He is also often seen wearing a modern peculiarity known as a necktie, and though altogether unfashionable the good professor is rarely seen without it. He further adorns it with a small silver pin in the shape of a lightning strike. In addition to this a simple yet functional pocket-watch and a large walking cane in lacquered birch wood completes his accessories.

As his appearance might well hint to Professor Lindström is something of an eccentric, not an uncommon condition for his subspecies nor for his profession. As a foreigner he is at times a little at odds with proper English sensibilities though mostly comes across as a friendly and kind-hearted, if a little odd, older gentleman. There is however something about the glitter in his eyes and the way he chose his words which gives an air of mystery and even a faint hint of deception. He is also intensely absorbed in his work and studies with an intensity and frenetic demeanour that is almost a little unsettling. This obsession with his work, being of a cryptic and mysterious nature, can perhaps explain the air of trickery and riddles which he carries… through it is hard to say for sure.
Truth be told Professor Lindström isn’t all that complicated nor is he truly deceptive, he simply suffers from a childish joy when it comes to puzzles and riddles, loving little more than subjecting his fellow men to them. He is however a loyal and truly brilliant addition to the Institute staff.


So far our intrepid adventurers knows little of the cryptic gnome Lindström. He is foreign to the British Isles, hailing from the Kingdom of Sweden, though one could not tell from his language as he speaks English perfectly. Beyond this little is known at this time.

[The University] Knut Lindström

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