[The Guild] Sir Richard Albertson

Baronet, Certified Hermetic and Doctor of Medicine, “Doctor Baron” (in Wapping)


Sir Richard, very much the quintessential member of his subspecies, is as withered and frail looking as any self-respecting gnome gentleman, clearly a man of thoughts rather than mean manual labour. Though he is just shy of his sixtieth birthday he looks much like a man in his mid-eighties, his skin wrinkled and blemished by both liver spots and other less savoury marks of old age. His frame is thin and small with a disproportionately large head and thin limbs. One also notices a notable limp of his right leg as he walks.
It can hardly be said that he keeps his hair, it appearing more like a chaotic mop of grey and white, yet he does sport a pair of noticeable sideburns that frames a small and wrinkled face likened, by some of his enemies, to a particularly unfortunate beagle. Though once a craggy face it is now a tad on the plump side with a noticeably protruding jaw and a large, rather formless and very red, nose. His deep set eyes, surrounding by several rather charming smiling winkles, are however a point of notice, possessing a sharp greyish colour somewhat faintly akin to green tingled with both intellect and humour aplenty. He has a distinct shrewdness to his appearance, as much disliked by his enemies as it is admired by his friends.

As a noted member of the Society Sir Albertson is usually altogether impeccably dressed as befitting a man of his standing, and despite his subspecies tendencies he keeps roughly to the latest fashions and trends. Though not particularly attached to a single attire he seems to prefer deep and warm shades of green, oft matched to grey or black. He is also commonly known for his large and much envied collection of exquisite walking sticks as well as a love of both the cigar, where he prefer Haitian brands, and the pipe, of which he seem to have but one very well used one.

Though our dashing adventurers have meet the gnome but once they know from reputation that Sir Albertson is considered a pleasant, if somewhat eccentric and stubborn, addition to any social gathering. He seems to favour speaking freely, rather than follow the endless constraints of “civilized” life, and seems not at all bothered by the notice this attracts. He is also noted as an intelligent and valued member of the London Guild, ranking amongst their most senior members.
Finally it is also a badly kept secret that the Baronet is a man of great charity who spends a not inconsiderable amount of time aiding the less fortunate in Wapping. This has earned him a small but positive reputation amongst that areas destitute, of which there is many.


Sir Richard Albertson is a noted member of the London Guild and has been so for the past thirty odd years after his ground-breaking work on the application of aetherically aided spine surgery. He is also noted as having research interest both in the realm of Alianism and the side effects of Magnetism. Currently the Baronet, in addition to his Guild positions ply his trade as a doctor for those with the means to hire his expertise. Furthermore he is also a noted member of the Society and notably a bachelor with seemingly no intents or interests in the direction of a marriage.
As it turned out the good doctor had, of late, had an unfortunate run in with a certain infamous gang and had been deprived of a certain important part of his walking stick collection.

Upon the successful conclusion of the affair known as “the Case of the Florentine Cane” our intrepid adventurers exposed Sir Richard as a traitor who had tried to hand valuable military plans developed by the London Guild (known as the Thundercloud Proposal) to the Russians. During his ongoing trail it was revealed that he was motivated by the plight amongst the common people brought on by the war and he declared he acted with the aim of ending the war as swiftly as possible.

[The Guild] Sir Richard Albertson

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