[The University] Eveline Windsor



Evaline Windsor, a yet young female Eldren by the age of 35 (around early 20s in human years) gifted with prototypal Eldren beauty, gets into all sorts of trouble when trying to conceal her inhuman charm in public places. Her smooth and fair porcelain complexion resembles that of a refined and rare collection doll, fooling others to believe she is of a delicate and secluded nature. Considerably taller than the average human female, her height meets the standards of Eldren women, measuring around 1.75 meters. Her slender figure shaped as an hour glass breathes both sensuality and grace, however it remains hidden by a tight corset and long skirts to avoid any further highlight to it.
Nevertheless, Evaline’s most idiosyncratic beauty features remain her long hair strands of a burgundy colour, resembling the dried dark red leafs in autumn and her deep and vivid opal blue eyes, reminiscent of the exotic waters of the Pacific Ocean containing as well what it appears to be golden liquid shards floating on them like shining stars in plain day light.

As the typical upper class lady (especially as the daughter of an earl), Evaline is trendy and fashionable, combining sometimes some vintage clothes of her late mother with the latest fashion trends. Elegance and sophistication are the key words that define her wardrobe, however her pieces vary in accordance to her daily activities, leaving her with various different styles to pick from. From rare and utterly expensive ball gowns to shiny military attire; her favorite pieces of clothing are the simplest ones that strike a minimalistic aesthetic (at least according to Victorian’s standards). In university grounds, she usually wears a long dark forest green skirt that comes from her waist line and ends 2 centimeters higher than her ankles matching it with a button up collar shirt with slightly puffy sleeves and of an ivory colour. Long sleeved gloves have been her most prized possession, protecting her skin from any kind of external aggression. Evaline is always seen wearing heels, which height depends on the event or situation. Her long hair is also tied up in a stylish way in any occasion, leaving out only two strands of hair from her sideways bangs. The only moments her hair might be loosen is in the privacy of her house or if it is required during a social event.


Evaline is quite absent-minded and a little bit naïve, not having much of a real world experience outside the realms of high society and her Guild environment. She finds comfort in books and excitement in knowledge and academics, however as the daughter of a traditional military family the way of the pen is as important as the way of the sword. Meaning that she never runs from a fight and that there might be some enjoyment to it. She is cheerful and optimist, always being true to herself and to what she believes in, ending up having a strict policy of truth. Nevertheless, she might hold herself down and behave extremely lady-like following all the required etiquette when circumstances demand so in order not to bring shame to her father, the earl of Oxford.


  • Ebon Wand (attached to her right leg a little bit higher over the ankle)
    -Aer Gladius
    -Aer Therum
    -Vita Subduco
    -Vivre Volatis
  • Derringer Tricolour (usually hidden in her purse or belongings)

As the only daughter in the five siblings of Earl Windsor, her aetherically powers were her way out of the traditional path laid out for aristocratic women, waiting on eligible bachelors to marry them and bear their children. Learning the way of the sword with her fellow brothers whom have all been gifted with military skills, Evaline had developed her dexterity and fighting ability before entering the Guild. However it was in the Guild that she had learned how to control her magic and develop new and powerful spells. Even though her worth had been shown to her famous politician father, Presentation Balls were something that she still could not avoid completely, having to attend them against her will and enduring the dullness of such events just to honor her family name. In fact, it was during a mid-spring ball held in the vicinity of the fairest woods in Oxford that Evaline met her most loyal companion, Mr. Scruffles. A gluttony flying squirrel that would bite and chew on her unwanted bachelors with empty marriage proposals (as the marriage to an Eldren woman is quite prestigious).
After receiving a proposition to work as research professor in the The Institute for the Study of Aetherics, Magical Artefacts and Mystical Creatures, her tides seem to change and a new path seemed to open in London. She is most thrilled to start her academic life in London and cooperate more closely with the London Guild.

[The University] Eveline Windsor

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