Of Smoke and Mirrors

The Times, 5. February 1855


Palmerston sworn in as Prime Minister
Today at 1 pm Viscount Palmerston will be sworn in as Prime Minister of the United Kingdoms, an important post now that our fair nation is embroiled in a arduous conflict which has already claimed many lives. Today’s Times is therefore a special edition with four extra pages dedicated to our new Prime Minister in his government.

The following articles goes in depth into both the life of Viscount Palmerston and his cabinet. The Viscount, Henry Temple, aged 71 is described as one of the leading men in the nation and his aggressive attitude on issues of foreign policy and especially freedom of trade is noted, particularly his role in the First Opium War. Furthermore his cabinet is also noted as being fairly hawkish, particularly the First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Windsor, whom can be relied on to press through with Palmerston’s policies. Secretary of State for the Colonies, Sidney Herbert, is another notable Whig hardliner.


Two British Citizens confirmed dead in Bursa Earthquake
Two days ago, on the 3rd of February, a massive earthquake rocked central Anatolia, laying waste to the historic city of Bursa. Two British citizens, William Harlow and his wife Jenifer Harlow has been confirmed killed during the disaster. They were in the city on the behest of the British Embassy in Istanbul. No other British citizens are reported to be in danger or missing.

Bursa was once the first capitol of the Ottoman realm, though it has long been but a shadow of its former glory. Early reports suggests that the earthquake has almost entirely levelled the historic town.

Belgian General Election underway
The Belgian General Election is underway and the Catholic Party is expected to win a clear majority over the only opposition, the Belgian Liberal Party. Voter turnout is not expected to be particularly high, following on the trend from previous elections, and the Times correspondent in Brussels confirms that the general interest in the election is lukewarm at best amongst the general populace.

Lord Burghley to cancel his lecture series
The Marquis of Exeter, Lord Burghley, Brownlow Cecil has cancelled all three of his planned lectures on Antediluvian Britain after he fell ill during the opening session at London University. He has stated that in the interest of his health he will retire to his estate in Exeter at the advice of his doctor.



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