Of Smoke and Mirrors

The Times, 26. January 1855


The Aerocab Prototype unveiled
The much discussed Aerocab of mr. Hansom, rightly famed for his innovative cab designs, had a prototype unveiled at the Sao Paulo Grand Exhibition which opened yesterday, the first technological exhibition to be held in South America. The Aerocab, fully furnished with a miniature balloon, a propellar and flapping canvass wings, rose majestically but proved to be very much on the planning stage as it had to be abandoned by the driver before the cab itself rose to unsafe heights.

Though a defeat for mister Hansom’s ambitious project he insists that the design has a future and that in not too many years his customers will be able to soar in the clean sky, far above the smog of the city.


Amsterdam Harbour shaken by explosion
During the night a major explosion coursed significant damage in the harbour districts of Amsterdam, capital of the Dutch Republic. Luckily few lives were lost as the incident occurred at night, though the property damage incurred was significant. Though the course remain unclear the Times has it on good authority that the British passenger ship, RMS Tayleur (owned by White Star), was near the epicentre of the blast and suffered catastrophic damage. Though some Dutch newspapers have claimed it to have been an accident caused by the powder of the nearby ship of the line Leijden which sank after the explosion.

However, unconfirmed reports only available so far to the Times state that a fierce magical duel took place on the harbour alongside the Tayleur involving British, French and Russian citizens. The Times then promise to follow the case closely as it develops.

Scotland Yard crack down on Libertarians; find Bolsheviks!
In connection with the apprehension of Captain McGills, which took place on Saturday morning, the Scotland Yard has investigated and cracked down on two clubs the young man was associated with, both known for harbouring libertarian tendencies. However, to the surprise of Inspector Sims who is heading the case one of them proved a front for a French Marxist group of Blanquist tendencies.

Inspector Sims could report that though not related to the case of the Russian Spy evidence for the groups conspiratory nature had been found and three men was being held for questioning. The gravity of any possible charges against the men are not yet known to the public.



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